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Mouth Guard for Sleeping

$90.00 USD
$250.00 USD

What you get for this price:

Home impression kit delivered in 2-3 business days
Prepaid return shipping label included
Reviewed and prescribed by a licensed dentist in your state
Appliance crafted by a professional USA dental lab
Made with top-quality, FDA-approved materials
Manufactured in 4 business days, shipped with a branded case and cleaning foam
Free adjustments within 30 days
All taxes and fees included in the price
  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Hard and Soft
Top or Bottom
  • Top
  • Bottom
Impression Tray Size
  • S-M
  • M-L
S-M Size is for those who are not taller than 5 Feet.
M-L Size is for those who are taller than 5 Feet.

Night Guards from Smile Boutique NY provide a protective shield against teeth grinding, absorbing grinding forces and preventing excessive tooth wear during sleep.
Relieving Jaw Pain and Tension:
Bruxism-induced strain can lead to discomfort in the jaw, headaches, and tension in the face, neck, and shoulders. Our Night Guards are specifically designed to alleviate these symptoms.
Preventing Tooth Sensitivity: By maintaining enamel integrity, our Night Guards contribute to reducing sensitivity to temperature and certain foods, promoting overall oral comfort.
Ensuring Long-Term Dental Health:
Excessive force on teeth is a major cause of gum recession. Night Guards from Smile Boutique NY help prevent this, fostering healthier gums and maintaining a confident smile.

Enjoy Significant Savings on Dental Costs:
Experience the same quality night guard as provided by dentists, delivered to your doorstep at a fraction of the price.
Tailored Specifically for You:
Night Guards from Smile Boutique NY are custom-fit to your unique dental structure, ensuring genuine protection from the symptoms associated with teeth grinding.
Alleviate Headaches and Jaw Pain:
Our guard effectively absorbs the forces generated by teeth grinding, sparing you from headaches, jaw pain, and the risk of chipped teeth.
Wake Up Feeling Rejuvenated:
Sleep better and wake up refreshed, knowing your teeth are shielded from the harmful effects of grinding.
Ensure a peaceful night's sleep and protect your teeth with our custom-fit Night Guard, designed to combat the effects of bruxism (teeth grinding). Experience dentist-grade quality delivered to your doorstep at a fraction of the cost, saving you from expensive dental fees.
Tailored to your unique dental structure, our Night Guard provides unmatched protection against the symptoms of teeth grinding, preventing headaches, jaw pain, and potential tooth damage. Sleep better, wake up feeling revitalized, and rest easy knowing your teeth are safeguarded against the harmful effects of grinding.
Invest in your oral health with our advanced bruxism defense, offering a comfortable and precise fit for optimal protection. Say goodbye to nighttime teeth grinding and embrace a restful sleep with our dentist-approved Night Guard, your solution to a healthier and more rejuvenating sleep experience.

If you're not feeling confident about creating your own home impression, no need to stress! We've got you covered. 
Good news – we happily accept impressions made by dentists or even STL scans, especially if your dentist uses an intraoral scanner. It's all about making things as easy and comfortable as possible for you. 
Just send your scans to for approval.

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Why you don't need an appointment?


Why Use A Night Guard?

Choosing a custom night guard ensures a perfect fit tailored to your mouth's unique shape, delivering optimal comfort and protection. Unlike generic over-the-counter options, these custom-made guards offer enhanced defense against grinding and discomfort, providing a secure and snug fit for a restful night's sleep.

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards act as protective shields for the teeth and jaw, guarding against the effects of bruxism during sleep. Typically crafted from soft plastic or hard acrylic, these guards are designed to cover either the upper or lower teeth. How Long until I receive my night guards t typically takes 3 business days to craft your Night Guard once we receive your impression. Additionally, we ensure a swift shipping process, with delivery expected within 2 business days. Your comfort and protection are our priority, and we aim to provide a seamless experience from crafting to delivery.

What type of night guards Do you have?

Hard Nightguards: Engineered for maximum protection and durability, hard nightguards are constructed from rigid materials like acrylic. These nightguards offer a high level of resistance against teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, making them well-suited for individuals with severe bruxism or heavy grinding habits. Although they may initially feel firm, their robust build ensures enduring performance.

Soft Nightguards: Prioritizing comfort without compromising protection, soft nightguards are crafted from flexible and cushioning materials, such as silicone or rubber. This design provides a gentle and comfortable fit, making soft nightguards ideal for individuals with mild to moderate teeth grinding or clenching tendencies. Their pliable nature absorbs grinding force, offering relief to the jaw and minimizing tooth damage.

Hard/Soft Nightguards: Combining the advantages of both hard and soft materials, hard/soft nightguards feature a rigid outer layer for durability and protection. The inner layer is soft and comfortable against the teeth and gums. This dual-layer design strikes a balance between strength and cushioning, catering to individuals with varying degrees of teeth grinding or clenching. The soft inner layer enhances comfort, while the hard outer layer ensures longevity and durability.

Should I order upper or lower night guard?

The majority of our customers (80%) find upper night guards more comfortable, as they don't impinge on the tongue. However, the choice between upper and lower guards is a matter of personal preference. It's often recommended to wear the guard on the teeth with less wear from grinding and clenching. If you prefer, our specialists can help choose the best option for you based on your impressions.

Is it necessary to have both upper and lower night guards, or can I use two of them at the same type?

You only have to wear either an upper or lower night guard at a time. We encourage you to choose the one that feels most comfortable for your sleep preferences, which is why every customer receives both upper and lower teeth grinding mouth guards by default. However, if you already have a preference, we are more than happy to provide you with two of the same type.

What if I have missing teeth, can a custom teeth grinding mouth guard still be made?

Certainly! Our custom teeth impression kit allows us to capture the exact shape of your teeth, even if you have missing teeth. With this information, we can craft a custom dental night guard that fits precisely to your unique dental structure. We often create custom night guards for customers with one or more missing teeth.

Which material do we use for Night Guards?

We are Based New York company and we are working with only FDA aprooved materials! Our night guards are crafted from a high-quality biocompatible co-polyester material that is both stain-resistant anfree of BPA.

How is night guard from Smile Boutique NY different from over-the-counter night guards?

Contrary to the typical "Boil and bite" night guards found at pharmacies, which are promoted as a universal fit, many individuals find them uncomfortable and often abandon wearing them. Our guards, on the other hand, are crafted from premium materials and customized specifically for you. This ensures that you not only receive the utmost comfort but also enjoy maximum protection.

Do the custom night guards made by Smile Boutique NY contain BPA, Latex or Phthalates?

No, Our custom night guards do not contain BPA,  Latex or Phthalates. We use the safest and highest quality materials for all of our custom night guards.

What if I have missing teeth, can a custom teeth grinding mouth guard still be made?

Certainly! Even if you have missing teeth, a custom teeth grinding mouth guard can still be crafted. Our process involves taking an impression of your existing teeth using our teeth impression kit. Based on this impression, we can create a custom-fitted mouth guard that provides comfort and protection, accommodating the specific structure of your teeth, including any missing ones. This ensures an effective and personalized solution for addressing teeth grinding or clenching concerns.

Why does Smile Boutique NY products cost less than a dentist?

Firstly, rest assured that you will receive the identical custom-made dental appliances you would obtain from your dentist. As a dental laboratory with over 25 years of exclusive collaboration with dental professionals, we have now extended our services to the public. Unlike the high expenses associated with running a dental office, our overhead costs are significantly lower at Smile Boutique NY. This enables us to offer you the same high-quality dental appliances without the hefty markup, providing you with cost-effective solutions.

If you have any questions, please call us:
(347) 630 54 74
(718) 496 05 01
Hours of operation Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm (EST)

How to choose the right appliance for you:


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