You have a range of financing options available

With payments starting as low as $30, Smile Boutique NY becomes an affordable choice for everyone! Investing in your oral health is akin to investing in your confidence and comfort in your own skin. Recognizing that having extra funds readily available for such an investment may not always be feasible, Smile Boutique NY provides a range of payment plan options. 

For those seeking to minimize the impact on their credit while financing their appliance, Affirm, Shop Pay, AfterPay and Sezzle emerge as excellent choices. These platforms allow you to defer payments without incurring compounding interest or late fees, offering flexible payment terms. 
Rest assured, all our financing options collaborate with reputable credit providers linked to well-established Fortune 500 companies. This ensures low-cost to no-cost financing, fostering trust among our valued customers. 

At Smile Boutique NY, our mission is to make our high-quality dental appliances accessible to everyone through financing, particularly those who appreciate purchasing American-made products. In contrast to our competitors, we proudly manufacture our appliances in the United States, and our financing options are designed to make our products attainable for all potential customers. Your satisfaction and confidence in your smile are our top priorities.