Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row) - Smile Boutique NY
Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row)
(200+ rating)

Flexible Flipper (up to 3 teeth in a row)

$350.00 USD
$450.00 USD

What you get for this price:

Home impression kit delivered in 2-3 business days
Prepaid return shipping label included
Reviewed and prescribed by a licensed dentist in your state
Appliance crafted by a professional USA dental lab
Made with top-quality, FDA-approved materials
Manufactured in 6 business days, shipped with a branded case and cleaning foam
Free adjustments within 30 days
All taxes and fees included in the price
Gum Color
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Upper
  • Lower
Impression Tray Size
  • S-M
  • M-L
S-M Size is for those who are not taller than 5 Feet.
M-L Size is for those who are taller than 5 Feet.

Complete in 10 Minutes: Get FREE Branded Case & Cleaning Foam! Hurry Up!

Flexible flippers can serve as both a temporary appliance and a final restoration. Whether you're awaiting a permanent solution or prefer a long-term option, flexible flippers offer versatility. They can be used to cover missing teeth temporarily while you wait for a final restoration or can be utilized as a lasting solution, typically lasting 5-8 years. Their flexibility makes them a comfortable and adaptable choice for various dental needs.

Think of it as a little tooth-shaped cushion that fits right where your missing tooth used to be. You can easily put it in and take it out, just like flipping something.

Covering spaces left by missing one tooth or more with a flexible flipper is important for several reasons:

1.     Prevent Teeth Shifting: Adjacent teeth tend to shift into the empty space over time, leading to misalignment. Closing the gap helps maintain the proper alignment of surrounding teeth.
2.     Maintain Bite Alignment: A missing tooth can affect the bite alignment, leading to difficulties in chewing and potential jaw joint issues. Closing the space helps maintain a balanced bite.
3.     Preserve Jawbone Density: The jawbone requires stimulation from teeth to maintain its density. When a tooth is missing, the underlying bone may start to deteriorate. Flexible flipper help stimulate the jawbone, preserving its structure.
4.     Improve Chewing Function: Restoring missing teeth enhances the ability to chew food properly, preventing potential digestive issues and ensuring proper nutrition.
5.     Speech Clarity: Gaps in the teeth can impact speech, causing pronunciation difficulties. Closing the space can improve speech clarity and communication.
6.     Aesthetic Considerations: Missing teeth can affect the appearance of the smile, potentially leading to self-esteem issues. Dental restorations contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
7.     Prevent Oral Health Issues: Spaces left by missing teeth can trap food particles and bacteria, increasing the risk of gum disease and decay. Closing these spaces aids in maintaining optimal oral health.

Addressing missing teeth through dental solutions such as flexible flipper or denture  not only improves oral function but also contributes to overall well-being and confidence.

If you're not feeling confident about creating your own home impression, no need to stress! We've got you covered. 
Good news – we happily accept impressions made by dentists or even STL scans, especially if your dentist uses an intraoral scanner. It's all about making things as easy and comfortable as possible for you. 
Just send your scans to for approval.

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Flexible Denture

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Step-by-Step Guide for Installment Payment Approval

Dear Customers, 
At Smile Boutique NY, we're dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience is easy and enjoyable. 
Our commitment to accessibility includes partnering with top installment payment providers like Affirm, Sezzle, and ShopPay. 
To help you navigate this process effortlessly and boost your approval chances, we've condensed a concise guide tailored to each platform: 
1. Maintain a Positive Credit History. 
2. Confirm Accurate Personal Information. 
3. Manage Outstanding Debt. 
4.Consider a Down Payment. 
5. Use Affirm's Prequalification Features. 

1. Ensure Accurate Profile Information. 
2. Maintain a Healthy Bank Account. 
3. Understand Soft Credit Checks. 
4. Build History with Sezzle. 
5. Preferably Link Bank Account Directly. 

1. Keep Consistent Information. 
2. Maintain Good Financial Standing. 
3. Explore Flexible Payment Options. 
4. Use Prequalification Checks. 
5. Understand Terms and Conditions. 

General Tips Across All Platforms: 
1. Encourage Financial Responsibility. 
2. Understand Each Platform's Requirements. 
3. Utilize Customer Support for Clarifications. 

We're here to support you in making informed decisions that align with your financial well-being. 
If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. 

Warm regards, 
Smile Boutique NY

Lifetime Benefits:


How It Works Step-By-Step:


How To Choose Your Shade:


Why you don't need an appointment?


What is flexible Flipper/Nesbit?

Flexible flipper /Nesbit is a specialized type of removable dental prosthesis specifically designed to address the replacement of a limited number of teeth on one side of the mouth. Nesbit dentures focus on the restoration of a single tooth or up to 3 adjacent teeth on a single side.

What is the difference between Flexible Flipper and Flexible denture?

The primary difference between a flexible flipper and a flexible denture lies in their intended use and the number of teeth they are designed to replace, as you mentioned. 

In summary, while both flexible flippers and flexible dentures share similar materials and construction methods, the key distinction is in the coverage area and the number of teeth they are designed to replace. Flexible flippers are solutions for a smaller number of missing teeth, while flexible dentures can provide a more extensive area of tooth loss.

Is Flexible flipper/Nesbit a temporary appliance?

Flexible flippers serve a dual purpose, acting as a temporary appliance for individuals awaiting a final restoration to cover missing teeth. Alternatively, they can function as a lasting solution, with the potential to serve as a final restoration for 5-8 years.

What is the difference between acrylic and flexible partials?

Acrylic Partial Dentures, also known as traditional dentures, are crafted from a sturdy acrylic material. These dentures comprise a pink acrylic base, mimicking the appearance of gums, with artificial teeth attached to it. This design achieves a natural-looking aesthetic. Some acrylic partials are equipped with metal wire clasps, akin to retainers, ensuring a secure fit in the mouth. 

Flexible Partial Dentures, also referred to as flexible partials or Valplast dentures, are fashioned from a pliable thermoplastic material. They feature a gum-colored base and flexible clasps that encircle the existing natural teeth. The adaptability of flexible dentures provides a more comfortable fit, molding to the contours of the mouth. The flexible material minimizes the risk of irritation or sore spots, offering an improved fit for many patients. Additionally, flexible dentures deliver a natural-looking appearance.

Are these a real dentures?

Certainly! Utilizing advanced tele-dentistry, we can have a licensed dentist in your state prescribe your denture. When combined with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning, designing, and printing technology, you experience the forefront of at-home denture solutions.

Does Flexible Dentures look natural?

Absolutely! Smile Boutique NY can assist you in regaining your smile. Our flexible devices are designed to look great, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable about smiling again.

Can I eat with this dentures?

Absolutely! The denture material we use is approximately three times more fracture-resistant and about twice as moisture-resistant compared to the next leading 3D printed denture material. This ensures that you receive a durable and long-lasting denture, providing you with a confident smile for years to come. Although partial dentures enable you to consume a diverse range of foods, it's recommended to begin with softer or smaller food pieces initially, especially if you're new to wearing dentures or still adjusting to them. As you become more accustomed, gradually introduce harder and more challenging foods. It's advisable to avoid sticky or excessively hard foods that may potentially dislodge or damage the partial dentures.

How do you make sure it matches the color and shade of my own natural teeth?

Included in your At-home Impression kit is a tooth shade match card. Simply hold this card next to your teeth, you can choose your color by yourself or take a selfie, and send it at when returning your impressions. Our dental lab utilizes this photo to match your natural tooth shade during the creation of your device. We offer a selection of over a dozen natural tooth shades, along with multiple gum shades (pink, purple, tooth color, clear),which you will choose once you will place an order, ensuring a customized and natural appearance for your device.

What are the benefits of purchasing denture online?

Buying dentures online comes with numerous advantages, such as convenience, an extensive array of options, and cost savings. You have the flexibility to explore various styles, materials, and price points, and you can complete the entire impression and seating process from the comfort of your home.

Can Smile Boutique NY replace teeth in the back of my mouth?

Certainly! We can replace back teeth. Our process involves custom-designing each device to match the individual dental anatomy using our advanced 3D software and printing techniques, based on the impressions you provide. In cases where there are no remaining teeth posterior to the missing ones, the device is specifically designed to grip along the undercuts—right along the gumline. The flexibility of Valplast allows it to adapt slightly, ensuring a secure grip onto the remaining tooth or teeth in front of the missing ones.

What if my Denture Breaks?

Our dentures are created with Valplast Base resins, which have been shown to be some of the most break-resistant and moisture-resistant resins in the industry. In the event that your denture breaks, we offer a replacement service for the exact denture at the cost of a duplicate.

How long until I receive my denture?

As the actual manufacturing company, our turnaround time is quite swift. Once we receive your impression, your denture will be ready to ship in 6 business days. The shipping process typically takes 2 days, assuming everything proceeds smoothly with the shipping company.

How Long do flexible partial dentures last?

On average, well-maintained and properly cared-for partial dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, and in some cases, even longer. Regular maintenance and attentive care play key roles in extending the lifespan of partial dentures.
If you have any questions, please call us:
(347) 630 54 74
(718) 496 05 01
Hours of operation Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm (EST)

How to choose the right appliance for you:


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