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After Braces / Invisalign Retainers

After Braces / Invisalign Retainers

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Ensure the longevity of your beautifully aligned teeth post-braces or Invisalign treatment with our Clear Retainers. These custom-fit retainers play a crucial role in preventing teeth shifting by holding them in place while new bone forms around and ligaments tighten.
Key Features:
1. Comfortable Fit:
• Smooth and custom-molded, our Clear Retainers offer a perfect fit, slipping comfortably over your teeth. Many users find them easier to adapt to compared to other types.
2. Similar to Invisalign Aligners:
• Crafted from virtually invisible, thermoplastic material, Clear Retainers closely resemble Invisalign aligners. They are passive, focusing on maintaining tooth positions rather than programmed movements.
3. Eating and Drinking:
• For optimal effectiveness, it's advised to remove the Clear Retainer before eating or drinking hot beverages. This prevents warping and ensures a snug fit. You can still enjoy gum, provided it's sugarless and the retainer is temporarily removed.
4. Affordability:
• Contrary to the myth, Clear Retainers are often more affordable than other types. With no breakable components, they offer cost-effective and durable solutions.
5. Relapse Prevention:
• After orthodontic treatment, the risk of teeth relapse is present. Clear Retainers play a vital role in preventing relapse, maintaining the results achieved with braces or aligners.
6. Stability and Oral Health:
• Clear Retainers aid in stabilizing teeth and gums, allowing them to gradually adjust to their new positions. This stability not only preserves the alignment but also contributes to better oral health.
Why Retainers Are Important:
• Relapse Prevention:
• Retainers prevent the potential relapse of teeth to their original misaligned positions, ensuring the longevity of orthodontic treatment results.
• Stability:
• Ensures stability, allowing teeth and surrounding tissues to adjust properly to the new alignment.
• Better Oral Health:
• Straight teeth simplify cleaning, brushing, and flossing, contributing to overall improved oral health.
How Long to Wear Retainers: Typically, recommend nightly wear for a lifetime, although variations may exist. Some individuals may maintain results by wearing retainers every other night.
When Retainers Are Necessary After Treatment:
• Braces Treatment:
• After braces, a custom-made retainer is essential to preserve the straightened smile.
• Invisalign Treatment:
• Following invisible aligner treatment, retainers are custom-made to keep teeth aligned post-treatment.
Preserve your confident smile with our Clear Retainers – the comfortable, affordable, and effective choice for maintaining your orthodontic results.

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